Introducing a 21st century health promotion device, VITALMOBIL that is close at hand at any time!

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VITALMOBIL has a positive effect on the body's basic functional and regulation processes.

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We have prepared a handy guide for you in order to use VITALMOBIL as it's fullest potencial.

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There are multiple application areas, let's find out how you can benefit from using VITALMOBIL.

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A revolutionary step towards
health promotion

The VITALMOBIL developed for home use emits electromagnetic waves, as follows:

  • to improve concentration
  • to help meditating, relaxing
  • to improve physical and intellectual performance
  • to help wake up refreshed
  • to enhance the immune system
  • to assist sleep

VITALMOBIL has a positive effect on the body's basic functional and regulation processes.

Multiple Programs

The VITALMOBIL developed for home use emits electromagnetic waves.

Available programs:

◎    Sleep: Containts programs to assist sleep
◎    Beauty: Contains beauty care menus and programs
◎    Sport: Contains menus and programs to increase sporting capacity
◎    Work and Study: Contains menus and programs that help in intellectual activities
◎    Health: Contains programs helping the immune system and nervous system regeneration
◎    Driving: Contains programs to achieve stress-free and safe driving
◎    Stress: Contains programs to feel happier and more relaxed



This morning, I once again woke up a few minutes before the sounds of the VITALMOBIL device refreshed and well rested. It is much more pleasant than being shaken out of a lovely dream by the terrible ringing of an alarm clock, or a mobile phone!"

Noemi Czifra

"I am among the first who have tried the VITALMOBIL device. I would like to thank the people who introduced me to this wonderful device. Without it my sleep would catastrophic, it is thanks to these people that I am able to sleep. I recommend it it everyone."

Eva Bukovics

“Since I have been using the VITALMOBIL wellness device, I have been able to apply the beneficial effects of frequencies in my everyday life. The VITALMOBIL device has not only made it easy to assist the balancing of the digestive system, but relaxation has become simpler as well.”

Gizella Sipkovits – Naturopath

I received a VITALMOBIL device for testing, but because I didn't really believe that I could achieve tenable changes with it, I put it aside and forgot about it. One day I stumbled upon it and I switched it ON when I went to bed and pointed the active part of the device towards myself. It was morning before I awoke! From that day on I didn't have to take sleeping pills, and throughout the following 2 months, my biological clock was back to normal."

Erzsebet Deak