Do you want to stay young and pretty?

This menu function is set up especially for women. We thought of all the problems that may cause concerns on a daily basis, such as cellulite, obesity, stress related accelerated aging and digestion disturbances resulting from inappropriate diet. We can do the most for the sake of our appearance and radiation if we regularly find time for a short sport activity, go for a walk in nature, pay attention to our diet and eliminate the harmful factors that may endanger our health. We have numerous possibilities in the 21st century to have a healthy life, and VITALMOBIL device is a perfect supplement for everydays. With its continuous use, you can feel yourself more balanced and energetic.

Anti-aging, detoxification and well-being

Use 'anti-aging' program to support cell regeneration and 'detoxification' program to eliminate roughage on a daily basis. The fundamentals for developing a harmonized appearance are positive thinking and lots of laughing; the use of 'well-being' program contributes to these.

Hair loss

The most common area for this problem is in the nerves and blood supply to the skin of our heads where we feel that when we pinch the skin it is too tight and difficult to wrinkle. We should thoroughly massage that area and then use the 'hair-loss' program.


“Since I have been using the VITALMOBIL wellness device, I have been able to apply the beneficial effects of frequencies in my everyday life. The VITALMOBIL device has not only made it easy to assist the balancing of the digestive system, but relaxation has become simpler as well.”

Gizella Sipkovits – Naturopath