Restful and regenerating sleep

Are you stressed by the thought of having rest during night? Do you have trouble falling asleep, or not being able to sleep a full night? Or do you have nightmares?

In Europe, every other person has already had sleeping problems in his or her life; and according to the studies, sleeping disorders occur in an increasing number among children due to today's stressful lifestyle.

For our regeneration and health status, it is essential to have rest in the so-called deep sleeping phase every night. In this phase, our body gains the necessary energy for the next day, and the regeneration processes of our body accelerate.

Whatever the reason, we must strive for the immediate solution, since abnormal sleeping negatively a ects our body, the quality of our work, our relationship to friends and family as well as our life. Everyone deserves rest after the daily grind, thus we must make sure the we receive a quality relaxation.

'Sleeping disorder', 'refreshing sleep' and 'deep phase sleep' programs of VITALMOBIL device ensure that you have a relaxing and restful sleep. The regular use of our functions make falling asleep and having a full night of rest easier, and it may also be useful for those who have nightmares on a regular basis.

How VITALMOBIL device can help?

Our brain performs continuous electric activities. Whether we sleep or work, our brain cells are doing their job, and waves with different frequencies are created during the electric activity.

We can distinguish four brain waves according to their frequencies:

  • beta waves (15-40 Hz): awake and alert status, the frequency of concentration. However, frustration, stress and fear can be related to beta waves as well.
  • alpha waves (8-14 Hz): a restful and relaxed status between sleeping and wakefulness. 'Wavelenght' of mental rest and peace. In this phase, it is easier to study or learn languages.
  • theta waves (4-7 Hz): status of sleeping and meditation. In theta, we have dreams and picture-like experience.
  • delta waves (0.5-3 Hz): frequency of deep and unconscious sleeping. Our body produces energy and prepares for the next day, regeneration and self-healing processes accelerate.

With the programs of VITALMOBIL and alpha, theta and delta waves you can ensure that you have a night of quality sleep.