Application areas

Sport Program

VITALMOBIL ensures the best physical performance during sport activities.

'Performance enhancing' and 'muscle relaxation' programs help them, in addition they can also benefit from 'stress relieving' and 'relaxing' functions.

The different programs of the device are perfect for both extreme sports and mountain hiking.

Sleep Program


Are you stressed by the thought of having rest during night? Do you have trouble falling asleep, or not being able to sleep a full night?

In Europe, every other person has already had sleeping problems in his or her life; and according to the studies, sleeping disorders occur in an increasing number among children due to today's stressful lifestyle.

Beauty Program

Do you want to stay young and pretty?

This menu function is set up especially for women. We thought of all the problems that may cause concerns on a daily basis, such as cellulite, obesity, stress related accelerated aging and digestion disturbances resulting from inappropriate diet.

With its continuous use of VITALMOBIL, you can feel yourself more balanced and energetic.

Health Program

Boost your health with VITALMOBIL!

Re-tuning the body's electromagnetic field offers new opportunities for a long life. With the regulation of biochemical reactions, aging processes can be slowed down, stamina, and mental and physical performance can be enhanced. By increasing the cells' energy level, weekdays are noticeably more comfortable and harmonized, and you can be more successful in your personal life, school as well as your workplace.

Driving Program

Do you drive a lot? Do you have trouble concentrating during long travels?

Poor quality sleep or not getting enough sleep may result in increased drowsiness, reduced wakefulness and performance. Reaction time becomes longer, concentration weakens and a further problem is that people who may temporarily suffer from this kind of sleepiness are not even aware of their symptoms, which can make the hours spent on the roads more dangerous.

Work and Study Program

Today's performance-oriented society requires mental stamina and persistence.

With the use of VITALMOBIL, stage fever (stress) is diminished, with 'concentration enhancing' program studying time may decrease and students can easier recall the learned material. 'Language learning' program helps learn languages easier, the program provides us with reaching of the relaxation status quicker.

Stress Program

Reaching meditation and relaxation state with ease

Sleeping disorders, abnormal metabolism, cardiac failures, severe digestive disorders, heart attack and even the epidemic of our age, allergy can be partially related to stress. Thus, from the aspect of our health status, it is particularly important to maintain our mental balance.