VITALMOBIL during driving

Do you drive a lot? Do you have trouble concentrating during long travels?

Poor quality sleep or not getting enough sleep may result in increased drowsiness, reduced wakefulness and performance. Reaction time becomes longer, concentration weakens and a further problem is that people who may temporarily su er from this kind of sleepiness are not even aware of their symptoms, which can make the hours spent on the roads more dangerous. In case of professional drivers, driving in a drowsy status resulting from sleeping disorders may lead to serious accidents in many cases.

Well-being and good condition are essential to a stress-free and safe driving. Waberer's Holding Zrt., the market leader in logistic service in Hungary and East-Central Europe was the fir rst among the companies doing business in transportation who tested VITALMOBIL.

Istvan Bodi, an employee of Waberer's International Zrt. said the following after testing VITALMOBIL:

"I had a pleasant experience in the last couple of days thanks to VITALMOBIL. I tried the frequency alarm, which really worked. During those couple of days, I used several functions; the device helped me in relieving stress as well."

Istvan Bodi – Driver at Waberer’s