Bioelectricity and our body

Human body is a complex system that has a phenomenal information network and remarkable organization.

  • In our body, billions of chemical reactions happen in every second (3x1016 chemical reaction/sec). This totals approximately 7,000 chemical reactions per second per cell.
  • Each and every organ consists of millions of cells; overall, the human body is made up of 70,000 billion cells.

It is well known today that the human body is not just a simple physical structure, but is a intricate network of invisible waves. Experts such as Einthoven, Newton, Goldberger, Gurwitsch, Tesla, Rife, Pressman, Voll, Marino, Becker, Basett, Popp and other well or lesser known experts appeared in the last centuries who worked on understanding and helping us understand the processes in our body through their work. During their activity, a new medical approach came into existence. Dr. Voll's work and discovery in the 1950's are considered as a turning point. He was the German physician who translated the energy system of the traditional Chinese medicine into the language of biophysics starting a new stage in medicine.

Biophysics and biochemistry

The massive development of biophysics and biochemistry offered new perspectives; the new scientific results made immense changes in diagnostics and revolutionary breakthrough in the understanding of life processes. Biophysics is the most extensively studied and most effective research method of alternative medicine, which looks for possibilities for influencing the human body's function through molecular material structure. Biochemistry is a scientific field that studies the chemical structure and chemical reactions of living organisms.

Every cell has a characteristic oscillation pattern, thus the organs and the whole body have a characteristic oscillation, periodicity. In addition, every cell of our body is an electromagnetic unit that communicates through electric impulses.

Mae Wan Ho, the doctor of genetic biochemistry discovered that the cells' biochemical processes are preceded by an electromagnetic activity in each case. In biological systems, the cells' self-controlled processes have a major role in the desirable and essential maintenance of resonance, just like in balancing the tiny parts of the biological system. Since if the balance is disturbed or upset in acute cases, hardly reversible or irreversible processes may begin.

Thus, the cells' proper communication and oscillation fundamentally determines our health status. The cells respond to the external electromagnetic fields surrounding them, if those have the proper wavelength and amplitude. Thus, we have to know the exact frequency at which the cell is able to communicate. If we stimulate them with bioelectromagnetic waves having the proper frequency, the balance of oscillation, proper function, i.e. the healthy status can be restored. Bioelectric waves remind our body to the proper oscillation and - like a conductor - synchronize the oscillation of the body's units as well as remind the cells to the proper function. A properly synchronized body is healthy, has a perfect energy supply, is balanced and has resistance against diseases.

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