Boost your health!

According to the physicians and scientists who have a holistic thinking, promoting and supporting the body's self-healing processes is the source of health.

Re-tuning the body's electromagnetic field offers new opportunities for a long life. With the regulation of biochemical reactions, aging processes can be slowed down, stamina, and mental and physical performance can be enhanced. By increasing the cells' energy level, weekdays are noticeably more comfortable and harmonized, and you can be more successful in your personal life, school as well as your workplace.


  • Bone strengthening: to support bones
  • For men: to protect men's sex organ, support prostate and for hair loss related problems
  • For children: to strengthen their immune system and prevent them from environmental harms
  • Immune system: to increase the body's resistance, support regeneration, and improve well-being
  • Detoxification: to support detoxification processes of excreting organs and the lymphatic system
  • Daily program: a general program to support the body's regeneration processes, strengthen the main organs, detoxicate and improve mood
  • For women: to support women's sex organ and hormone system
  • Smoking: to strengthen the lungs, relieve stress related to withdrawal symptoms and detoxicate the body