VITALMOBIL- the conductor of our body 21st century technology

How can a 21st century technology utilize the remarkable potential of cell communication?

Today's state-of-the-art development in the field of information technology and engineering made possible the development of small, hand-sized devices that can use many programs and various frequencies to improve your body's harmonic function and preserve your health status any time, without any professional qualification.

How does VITALMOBIL work?

There are two basic forms of controlling biological processes: control and regulation.

Control is a one-way relationship where the control center operates the subordinated system or systems through information. In this case, the controlled system does not influence the center's function.

In contrast, regulation is more complex process, where there is an active relationship between the center and the controlled system. Every system has a characteristic value, a so-called set-point that is continuously controlled by the center and if necessary the 'actual' value is reset to the 'optimal' value. For this, continuous control and feedback are necessary, that is a continuous communication must exist between the center and the controlled system.

The weak and extremely low frequencies that are assigned to the programs of VITALMOBIL device have a positive effect on both the self-controlled and controlled systems. We can stimulate either the whole body or just parts of it depending on how we feel in the actual moment; or we can pay more attention to certain areas taking into account our physician's or natural healer's recommendations. With artificial bioresonance, the imbalanced cell oscillation can be influenced and re-balanced, cells receive an external communicational instruction that they could not or just slowly would be able to implement. By restoring the disharmonic status, processes can start from the cells' level, which bring the increased and overloaded stress factors as well as the function of the immune system to a healthy and balanced status.