Stress relief with VITALMOBIL

According to the studies, 80% of people suffer from a stress related disease, though many of them do not even know where their symptoms originate from.

Sleeping disorders, abnormal metabolism, cardiac failures, severe digestive disorders, heart attack and even the epidemic of our age, allergy can be partially related to stress. Thus, from the aspect of our health status, it is particularly important to maintain our mental balance.

If you are often nervous, frustrated or you feel afraid of something, use the 'relaxing' and 'bad mood' programs, and the different frequencies assigned to the programs and alpha waves help you to feel better about yourself.

Reaching meditation and relaxation state with ease

Everyone is searching the secret of health and harmony of the soul and body, and everyone is striving for achieving this status. Meditation liberates the body and soul from stress; it is a travel to our interior world that heightens each and every happy moment of family life.

With relaxation, physical and mental symptoms of frustration can be eliminated. The word relaxation means rest and leisure, and most of the relaxation methods serve relaxation of the muscles since one of the major symptoms of frustration is muscle stiffness.