Work and studying

Today's performance-oriented society requires mental stamina and persistence.

For students

With the use of VITALMOBIL, stage fever (stress) is diminished, with 'concentration enhancing' program studying time may decrease and students can easier recall the learned material. 'Language learning' program helps learn languages easier, the program provides us with reaching of the relaxation status quicker.

For reducing workplace stress

In the middle of an accelerated life rhythm, continuously changing economic, market and social conditions, we are at war with time and ourselves. VITALMOBIL device can help in this situation as well; its 'concentration enhancing', 'vitalizing', 'stress relieving' and 'tranquilizer' programs help time pass more pleasantly during work.


Mental work: to be able to concentrate continuously, support regeneration and the main excreting organs, and relieve stress. While you are working, VITALMOBIL helps you preserve your health.

Physical work: to support and relax muscles, enhance physical performance, and support cell regeneration.

Use VITALMOBIL device every day!